Choosing a Hotel or Bungalow in Auckland

Auckland is a vibrant, bustling hub of commerce and culture but still has the feel of a small coastal town with an outsized personality. That can be seen in its architecture, ranging from high-rise office blocks to Victorian villas nestled right up against one another. Wherever you stay in Auckland, you will get a different perspective on this ever-changing city, so we’ve compiled some practical advice for choosing your accommodation to ensure you get the best experience.


Location - Choosing a Hotel or Bungalow in Auckland

Auckland is a city of many different neighbourhoods, and it may take some research to decide which location will be best for your visit. You will need to stay in an area central to where you will be visiting.


What amenities are important to you? Hot water, WiFi internet access, or an outdoor pool? You will need to decide which ones are the most important for your stay. However, all good hotels in Auckland will have something you’re looking for.


Price - Choosing a Hotel or Bungalow in Auckland

Auckland is not an inexpensive city to visit, even if you’re used to big-city prices (think Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York, etc.). Depending on your budget, you will need to find a hotel or bungalow that suits you.


What are your needs? Are you travelling with children or pets? There are plenty of Auckland accommodation facilities with family-friendly or pet-friendly amenities. If you don’t have a car, consider staying somewhere with good public transportation links to the rest of the city.

Unique Factors

What’s the unique factor that will make your trip to Auckland stand out? Maybe you want a hotel close to one of Auckland’s many parks or zoos. Or you are planning an event that requires staying at a hotel or bungalow close to Auckland’s conference centre. Whatever factors will make your trip unique, consider them when making your choice.